Dr. Dimitris Kouzelis, European Patent Attorney, Managing Partner, Intellex and K&P Consulting

Chairman of the IP Commission of the ICC-Greece, Member of the IP Commission of the ICC Ethics Expert of the European Commission

Vasiliki Kosti, European Patent Attorney (LL.M, MSc), Biologist- Biotechnologist


Konstantinos Ambatzis, Seconded National Expert at EUIPO, Alicante, Spain Director, Applications & Grants at INDUSTRIAL PROPERTY ORG (OBI)




    Federico Carrasco, Founder and CEO of Graypes GmbH

    Katerina Kouravelou, Scientific Staff, Department of Research Projects of the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (EL.ID.EK.)

    Gerasimos Rassias, Assistant Professor Dept. Chemistry & the company DEMO S.A.

    Stavros Koulouridis, Associate Professor Dept. Electr. Of Computer Engineering & Technology & INTRACOM SA TELECOMMUNICATIONS SOLUTIONS

    Vassilios Costopoulos, Professor Dept. Of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering & the company ADAMANT AEROSPACE APPLICATIONS LTD

    Panagiotis Stavropoulos, Assistant Professor Dept. Of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering & the company ELVALHALCOR SA

    Ioannis Dimakopoulos, Associate Professor Dept. Of Chemical Engineering & the company TITAN Cement SA

    George Filis, Assistant Professor Dept. Financial Studies

    Commencement of the Ceremony:

    Panagiotis Dimopoulos, Professor, Vice Rector for Research and Development, University of Patras, Chairman of the Organizing Committee Patras IQ Greetings

    Andreas Katsaniotis, Deputy Foreign Minister

    Nektarios Farmakis, Regional Governor of Western Greece

    Costas Peletidis, Mayor of Patras Prof. Christos Bouras, Rector of the University of Patras

    Main Speech

    Adonis - Spyridon Georgiadis, Minister of Development & Investment

    Michalis Dritsas, Director of the Office of the Deputy Minister of Development and Investment Dr. Chr. Dimas

    Vassilios Gongolidis, Executive of the Planning and Planning Department, Directorate of Planning and Planning of ETAK Policies and Actions, GGEK

    Theoni Sofianopoulou, Head of Innovation Department, Research and Innovation Actions Support Directorate, GGEK

    Eleni Poulakaki, Head of Special Service for Management and Implementation of Actions in the fields of Research, Technological Development and Innovation

    Vangelis Siokas, Doctor Engineer, Project Manager of EPI.No Incubator of EPISEV / NTUA

    George Kollidas, Partner, Advisory, Technology Leader, PwC Greece

    Dr. Vassilios Nikolopoulos, Head of Applied Research, Development & Innovation MYTILINEOS - Electricity & PV Sector

    PROTERGIA and Laboratory of Management of Technical Projects, Infrastructures and Cities, Department of Policies

    Of Engineering, University of Patras

    Assoc. Prof. A. Hasiakos, Dr. V. Nikolopoulos, Dr. S. Karatzas

    George Markatatos, CEO @ Regate, Chairman @ SEKEE – Digital Innovators 


    Panagiotis Dimopoulos, Professor, Vice Rector for Research and Development, University of Patras, Chairman of the Organizing Committee Patras IQ

    Emmanuel Zervakis (European Sensor Systems S.A.), President of the Association of Greek Emerging Technologies Companies – HETiA 

    Success Stories

    1. FEAC Engineering - Sotiris Kokkinos, CEO - Business Development, Electrical Engineer M.Sc. (v)

    2. Coffe-eco - Marios Vlachogiannis, Chemical Engineer, Co-Founder (v?)

    3. MEAZON- Dr. Stelios Koutroubinas, CEO

    4. YODIWO - Alexandros Maniatopoulos, Founder, CEO & Chairman of the Board


    6. ADVEOS

    7. IRIDA LABS - Vassilis Tsagaris, CEO

    8. ΚΥΤΙΟΝ

    Discussion Panel "Bridging the Void"

    Emmanuel Zervakis (European Sensor Systems S.A.), President of the Association of Greek Emerging Technologies Companies –  HETiA  

    Nikos Panos - Senior Manager - PwC Greece 

    Dr. Fotios Papathanassopoulos, E.DI.P. Sq. Medicine - Director of K.E.D.I.V.M. University of Patras

    Konstantinos Agrapidas, Director General of Occupational Health, Safety and Employment, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, head of the REBRAIN GREECE initiative, for the digital transformation in the labor market

    Konstantinos Lafkas, Partner του Uni.Fund  

    Giannis Kanellopoulos, co-founder of Orange Grove Patras

    Organization: Region of Western Greece,

    Coordinator: Lambropoulou Eftychia, Journalist

    Association of Greek Inventors and Innovative Enterprises of Greece, Alexandros Giannakopoulos

    FMC (Face Mask case), Stamatis Thanasis, Mechanical Engineer

    PHEE PC, Stavros Tsombanidis, Founder & Managing Director ADAMANT COMPOSITES EPE

    SEATRAC, Fessian Gerasimos, inspirer, former deputy mayor of Achaia

    KOLIPERA VINEYARDS, Oenologist Christos D. Kolyperas

    Presentation of the Review Results  

    Panel Discussion 

    Q&A with Audience  

    Moderator: OECD/Greece 

    Rector / Vice Rector PP

    Introductory remarks 

    Angelos Syrigos, Deputy Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Responsible for Higher Education 

    Themis Christophidou – Director General / DG EAC, European Commission  

    Nadim Ahmad - Deputy Director / Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities (CFE), OECD

    Presentation of the Review Results  

    Panel Discussion 

    Q&A with Audience  

    Moderator: OECD/Greece

    Greek HEIs in EIT’s 1st pilot call – tips and short presentation of projects with Greek partners 


    General Overview and Opportunities with the Alliances for Innovation 

    IKY & European Commission

    Coordinator: Dimitris Mallas

    Hellenic Center for Prosthetics A.E. (EKEPEK A.E.)

    Dr. Vassilios Drakopoulos, Director of Applications, Institute of Chemical Engineering,

    Institute of Chemical Engineering (FORTH / IEXMI)

    "Teaching Factory" Skills Center for Human Resources Training, Development and Application of Innovative Technologies in Industry »

    "Capacity Center on 5th Generation and Next Communication Networks: Strengthening Vertical Value Chains"

    The Greek innovation ecosystem at the heart of the business Accelerator egg - enter.grow.go | Roula Bakhtalia, EUROBANK Director & member of the Coordinating Committee egg - enter.grow.go, Member of ESETEK

    Katerina Pramatari, Associate Professor AOP, Partner of Uni.Fund, President of TES Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property

    George Karantonis, Partner at Metavallon VC

    Dimitris Kalavros - Gousiou, Partner και Co-Founder της Velocity Partners 

    Arsenis Spyros, PhD. Head of Innovative Entrepreneurship Development | NBG Business Seeds

    Panagiotis Dimopoulos, Professor, Vice Rector for Research and Development, University of Patras

    Konstantinos Tsekouras, Professor, Department of Economics

    "Incubators for innovation and technology transfer in the Mediterranean"

    Mr. Platon Marlafekas, Chairman of the Board of the Chamber of Achaia

    Mr. Khaled Khaled ElSaadany, Head of Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) ENI CBC MED program

    Konstantinos Giotopoulos, Technical Project Manager INTECMED, Chamber of Achaia

    Danae Katsanta, Project Communication Manager, Chamber of Achaia (AH.EP.AN) - Greece

    Anne Furphy, Internationalization Expert, Seville Chamber of Commerce - Spain

    Chedly Abdelly, General Manager, National Agency for the Promotion of Scientific Research in Tunisia (ANPR) - Tunisia

    Moez Hassen, General Manager, CapBon Chamber of Commerce - Tunisia

    Margreet Magdy, Start-Up Specialist, SEKEM Development Foundation - Egypt

    Maria Garcia Alegre, Innovation Consultant, Andalusian Technology Organization (CTA)

    Dimitra Dimitrakopoulou, IT Expert, University of Patras

    Nikos Karakapilidis, Scientific Project Manager for the University of Patras

    Department of Public Relations, Etiquette and Events University of Patras, Coordinator: Mr. George Plis, Journalist

    Greeting and official presentation of the social network of the graduates of the University of Patras

    Prof. Dionysios Mantzavinos, Vice Rector for Academic and International Affairs, University of Patras

    Konstantinos Bekas, Head Advanced Scientific Computing, Citadel Securities - Graduate of the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics

    Federico Carrasco, Founder and CEO of the Swiss company, Graypes GmbH - Graduate of the Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics

    Panagiotis Konstantinopoulos, Director of R&D and Network Operations of Coffee Island - Graduate of the Department of Civil Engineering

    Alexandros Zapaniotis, Managing Director Coffee Island - Graduate of the Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

    Christina Souzi, Meteorologist - Graduate of the Department of Mathematics

    Dimitrios Mourtzis, Professor, Department of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering

    Coordinator: Apostolos Vantarakis, Chairman of the EPC PP Committee, Professor of the Department of Medicine

    Dimopoulos Panagiotis, Professor, Vice Rector for Research and Development, University of Patras

    George Pappas, President of the Economic Chamber of Western Greece

    Platon Marlafekas, President of the Chamber of Achaia

    Charalambos Costopoulos (CTO at SAMMY) and Alexandros Patsias (Customer Care at SAMMY)

    Dr. Victoria Daskalou, EDIP, Department of Economics, University of Patras

    "Introduction to the Schools of EAP- Education and Research in Distance Education"


    Chairman of the Board E.A.P., Professor Mr. O.-I. Zoras

    Vice President of Research and Lifelong Learning, Associate Professor Mr. K. Karamanis

    Vice President of Administrative Affairs, Academic Affairs and Student Welfare, Mr. E. Efstathopoulos

    Vice President of Economic Planning and Development, Associate Professor Mr. G. Skroubis


    "School of Sciences EAP-Academic and Research Challenges"

    Prof. Ioannis Kalavrouziotis - Dean of the School of Sciences and Technology

    "Potential presence of the School of Social Sciences of E.A.P. with pioneering Greek and English distance learning programs "

    Prof. Athanasios Michiotis - Dean of the School of Social Sciences

    "The School of Humanities of EAP: The course, the challenges and the perspectives"

    Prof. Emmanouil Koutouzis - Dean of the School of Humanities

    "Presentation of Curricula of the School of Applied Arts and Sustainable Design"

    Prof. Stylianos Zerefos -

    School of Applied Arts and Sustainable Design

    V. Vassiliadis, Assoc. Professor Univ. Patras, scientific collaborator DAISSy EAP

    P. Fitsilis, Professor, Univ. Thessaly, scientific collaborator DAISSy EAP

    Ath. Iosifidis, Assoc. Professor DIPAE, scientific associate DAISSy EAP

    Moderation of the discussion: Thodoris Vagenas, Liaison Office, Entrepreneurship and Innovation EAP.


    EU-1: Pandemic of Domestic Violence: The Invisible Crime of a Modern Plague

    G. Hormova, Secretary General of the Ministry of Demographic and Family Policy and Gender Equality

    M. Giannakou, Former Minister

    EU-2: Moving populations: Institutional framework and Access to Health Services

    A. Veizis, General Manager of INTERSOS Greece

    A. Sasati, Director of the Hellenic Immigrant Forum

    Th. Fouskas, Assistant Professor, Department of Public Health, School of Public Health Univ. West Attica

    EU-3: Mental Health and Adolescence

    K. Chatzinikolaou, Assistant Professor of Developmental Psychopathology and Communication Problems of the Pedagogical School of AUTh

    A. Antoniou, MSc Psychologist, Head of the Youth Support Center of the NGO ARSIS, Associate of the Athenian Center for Human Studies

    K. Leontiadou, Psychologist and Psychotherapist OKANA, Associate of the Center for Systemic Study and Therapy of Thessaloniki

    EU-4: Bioethics and Public Health

    A. Vlachogiannis, Doctor of Law, University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas

    Chair: A. Vantarakis, C. Gogos

    Coordination: M. Rizogianni

    Video presentation of Public Health students


    Zaoutis Th. President of EODY, Professor of Pediatrics and Epidemiology, Perelman School of Medicine, USA.

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