Networking / Collaborations

The annual PATRAS IQ Exhibition promotes the interconnection of top research/technological achievements of the academic and research community and the productive sector. In this respect, the challenge is even bigger as the exhibition can and should be a key driver of growth with significant benefits to the real economy.

It is a highly successful co-operation of the productive institutions of the Ministry of Development & Investments, the Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs, the University of Patras, the Hellenic Open University, the Region of Western Greece and the Chamber of Achaia, by supporting and promoting smart development.

We invite you to Patras IQ, the first Virtual Exhibition of Innovation &
Know-how Transfer, where you can:
  • Get to know and invest in innovative programmes

  • Improve your company’s strategy through the development of high value-added products and processes

  • Support your business in the face of strategic challenges

  • Maximize your competitive advantage

  • Meet and co-operate with ambitious and dynamic researchers, start-ups and companies

  • Explore methods and opportunities to invest in innovative products and services by attracting and exploiting resources

  • Support researchers who want to apply and commercially capitalise their research results

  • Meet representatives of the academic and research community and policy-making centres with regard to an open exchange of views and ideas

From Tuesday 07.12.21 to Sunday 12.12.21 you may watch the three-day broadcasted events on demand, contact the exhibitors at a scheduled time and browse our virtual exhibition.

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