PATRAS IQ is a continuous development initiative that promotes a set of actions for networking and transfer of know-how and technology, with the annual exhibition being its flagship event. This year’s event seeks to mark the beginning of a period full of new challenges brought about by new technological developments and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

PATRAS IQ Exhibition, which has been running since 2012, has been established as a meeting point between the research and the productive sectors and aims to optimise knowledge with a view to developing innovation and promoting technology and entrepreneurship.

It is a highly successful co-operation of the productive institutions of the Ministry of Development & Investments, the Ministry of Education & Religious Affairs, the University of Patras, the Hellenic Open University, the Region of Western Greece and the Chamber of Achaia, all supporting and promoting smart development.

Become an exhibitor:

By overcoming the restrictions brought about by COVID-19 you are able to communicate with a wider audience in a digital way and this can take place anywhere, at any time, overcoming any limitations that may be set by live participation.

  • Take advantage of the new digital and virtual exhibition for an exchange of views, networking, co-operation and promotion

  • Introduce your new innovative products

  • Showcase the mature results of your research and your innovative ideas to producers and representatives of institutions, investors, entrepreneurs and individuals

  • Meet investors, researchers, institutions and businesses to explore co-operation opportunities in order to capitalise on mature research results and innovative ideas

  • Attend personal experience speeches by recognised speakers for their contribution to the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship

  • Look for financial tools and programmes that will support the development of your innovative ideas and your research activity

  • Inform businesses with the aim of presenting new innovative products

Patras IQ offers the opportunity to open up new horizons. It also gives the opportunity to introduce new products and services, new technologies and new co-operations.

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